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The reality of the field at your fingertips

Obsolete or missing drawings, difficult integrations, equipment transfers, remote engineering, risk reduction: ScanSap brings you a simple and effective solution.

New works services: control your technical shutdowns

Your industrial retrofit & revamping projects require technical shutdowns that must meet tight deadlines so as not to penalize the restart of production.

ScanSap secures your operations from the preliminary project phase by providing you with all the speed and precision of 3D surveys. 

ScanSap facilitates prefabrication, and limits construction time and risks, often related to unforeseen events.

Contractors - unclog your design office

The increasingly tight deadlines of construction sites require rapid studies that must remain precise.

Very often, you are forced to resume your studies because the drawings of the ifacilities differ from reality.

Your studies are getting longer and you can no longer serenely take on new business.

ScanSap allows you to avoid costly trips, and to work from your PC from an accurate 3D digital twin.

Design offices: secure your clients' investments from the preliminary design phase

A project always starts with a draft, a pre-project phase, then becomes more precise as the consultation file approaches.

With the help of an initial 3D survey and ScanSap, you can easily set up, create different scenarios and exchange efficiently with your clients. Share the 3D elements with the consulted companies to benefit from coherent offers and secure the budget.

Health, safety and environment services: improve risk prevention.

Construction site accidents are often caused by a lack of knowledge of the site and the performance of unplanned tasks.
ScanSap enables you to provide companies with perfect information about work areas by creating a virtual visit in a 3D digital twin enriched with detailed information.

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