Tutorials and presentations

Use of ScanSap

These videos will help you use ScanSap effectively. The list of keyboard shortcuts is available in the download section.


Tutorial 1 - interface and projects

Tutorial 3 - display options

Tutorial 5 - advanced navigation

Tutorial 7 - pipe detection (FR, EN soon)

Tutorial 9 - point couds objects (FR, EN soon)

Tutorial 2 - navigation

Tutorial 4 - rendering modes

Tutorial 6 - measures (FR, EN soon)

Tutorial 8 - clipping (FR, EN soon)

Tutorial 10 - point cloud export (FR, EN soon)

Learn to scan (French only)

A series of videos aimed in particular at engineering companies, cotnractors and manufacturers who decide to invest in 3D laser scanning to do small to medium projects.

The series starts with the selection of equipment and accessories, going through a real campaign, and goes until the registration. And then... use ScanSap!

This training is free. It is in French only. Let's hope that Youtube's IA manages to translate efficiently!


Training 1 - introduction

Training 3 - starting the scanner

Training 5 - campaign preparation

Training 2 - scanner and accessories

Training 4 - additional information

Training 6 - on site work