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3D scanning companies: increase the quality of your deliverables

Your clients are increasingly using 3D scanning and are starting to ask you for point clouds in addition to the model.

ScanSap is the perfect tool for communicating effectively with your clients.

In parallel, we have developed plugins for Faro Scene that will allow you to improve processing and obtain clean data.

The 3D point clouds Formula 1

A few years ago, 3D point clouds were only used by companies specializing in scanning and only the 3D model was delivered. Point clouds were then only a way to build the model.

They are increasingly requested by clients.

This requires additional cleaning and presentation work.

Our plugins for Faro Scene, including an unrivaled filter to date, will allow you to obtain clean data, without artifacts.  

Once loaded into ScanSap, the point clouds are rendered with very high quality and great fluidity.

ScanSap's segmentation capabilities will make it an ally of choice to lighten your work in your CAD / BIM tools.

ScanSap - factory

The ultimate 3D engine

Load hundreds of scanning stations into ScanSap and navigate: tell us what you think!

ScanSap embeds the first Vulkan® 3D engine for point clouds.

Advanced clipping

Most software offers a single clipping box. ScanSap allows you to combine dozens of them, and even to segment point clouds in the vicinity of tubes, tags, measurements, and to export them in e57 and rcs/rcp.

Gridded clipping boxes

Developed in collaboration with Sona, this function allows you to cut a selection box into small cubes.

The Sona plugin for Revit then allows you to activate the desired cubes according to the work area.

Faro users: plugins for you!

Our plugins add a whole range of functions to Scene (and also Scene LT) to clean up and orient campaigns, and also better manage objects (spheres, planes...). And if you have registered your Faro scans with Realworks, you can import their registration.

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