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An offer for industry stakeholders... and more!

Owners, engineering companies, contractors, diagnostic companies: our solutions save you time and secure your operations.

laser scanning facility ScanSap


A solution that facilitates and optimizes the management of your facilities

  • improve collaboration on your projects,

  • optimize investments,

  • optimize maintenance operations,

  • improve security.

Thanks to our ScanSap software and personalized support, you have an accurate and complete map of your site.

Call for tenders are of better quality, with quotes easier to compare and analyze, without the need for companies to multiply visits.

Reduced risk of accidents: our system allows optimal safety preparation by anticipating access, lifting and handling problems.

A site without unpleasant surprises: better prepared, the site suffers fewer hazards, and therefore less additional work.

Easier maintenance and secure audits: ScanSap allows you to control all of your technical information throughout the life of your site.

Our solutions are particularly well suited to dense processes (piping, structures, equipment) in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries.

laser scanning ScanSap


A solution that secures quotes and execution studies

  • increase your conversion rate,

  • control the profitability of your projects,

  • unclog the design office!


We know how it goes: we are happy to get a new contract, and now it's time to launch technical studies. And there, the first tensions appear: forgotten in the costing, risk of margin decline, saturated design office who is struggling to take on a new project...

Our ScanSap software secures your quotes and allows you to negotiate with confidence.

The design office works on better data that significantly reduces rework, thus freeing up resources.

More precise studies also make it possible to increase prefabrication (off-site construction) and to speed up assembly.


Engineering companies

More qualitative pre-projects and better coordination 

  • communicate effectively with stakeholders,

  • control budgets,

  • secure restart of production!

Have a 3D survey of the installations made and use ScanSap as soon as the point cloud is available, without having to wait for the digital model: view, measure, segment, annotate...

Point out precisely the areas to be modeled and share your annotations with your laser scanning service provider.

Use the powerful tag system to create rich annotations, create a project tree with all zones, lines, and equipment, and leave no room for uncertainty!

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Laser scanning companies

Manipulate and clip massive point clouds with unmatched efficiency

  • easily export the areas to be modeled,

  • work effectively with your client and your modelers,

  • improve the point cloud quality.


It is always difficult, when starting a scanning and modeling project, to know precisely what to model.

The omissions, as well as the modeled elements which were not requested, are regular.

Deadlines also put some pressure on the modeling teams.

ScanSap allows you to better communicate with your client around the point cloud.

The multiple segmentation and grid system, exclusive to ScanSap, will allow you to export only what you need to your CAD / BIM software.

Use our Faro Scene plugins to get much cleaner and better data.

You can also become a prescriber of ScanSap and benefit from advantages!


Audits, diagnostics, investigations...

A powerful analysis and visualization tool

  • view with unrivaled fluidity,

  • activate exclusive rendering modes,

  • analyze the deformations, annotate the areas of interest.

3D surveys are dense and accurate, but often difficult to handle and exploit by non-specialists.

ScanSap will bring another dimension to your analyzes and diagnostics. In addition, you can use KipTag - our mobile photo application - to carry out on-site reports without forgetting the smallest detail!