ScanSap, the software that makes 3D point clouds easy to use

Developed with an industrial project logic, ScanSap is designed to meet the needs of companies operating in complex and dense environments.

3D scanning finally accessible

3D point clouds have long been considered as data for specialists only.

With ScanSap, they become exploitable by actors who have business knowledge.

ScanSap is a bridge between 3D surveys and your usual CAD / BIM tools.

ScanSap: a tool as essential as your tape measure

Simple, but not simplistic!


There are 2 categories of software on the market:

  • those intended for 3D scanning professionals, with a long learning curve, and often difficult for the end customer to use,

  • point clouds viewers, mostly online, with a few measurement functions which do not meet the requirements of industrial projects. Added to this is the digital pollution linked to the streaming of heavy point clouds.


ScanSap Seed was developed with another objective in mind: meeting the needs of complex projects while remaining simple to use.


Our goals:

  • quick handling by non-3D specialists,

  • improve the accuracy of studies while accelerating them,

  • secure the work and allow for on-time delivery,

  • become a central tool for technical documentation, security, and maintenance operations.


Fluid 360° and 3D tours with exclusive renderings, even with a classic CAD hardware configuration*.

Save trips back and forth to the site and approach your project with serenity.


Measuring is one of the first things contractors do when they visit a site. However it is hard to measure a distance between pipes at a height of 6 meters...


With ScanSap, leave your measuring tape and aerial bucket aside, and take any type of measurement, including structural deformations and flatness defects. All in a few clicks.


Modeling management

ScanSap solves one of the main problems in 3D laser scanning: ensuring that the modelers only model what is necessary for the project, and with the right degree of precision. ScanSap is a real 3D modeling guide and puts an end to over-modeled and unsuitable models.

ScanSap also allows you to model pipes very efficiently.

Spatialized documentation

ScanSap is undoubtedly the most advanced technical documentation tool on the market.

Map your installations with detailed and hierarchical tags, and create your own templates.

Find your information in a few clicks thanks to the built-in search engine.

Whether it is to manage your contractors or to centralize your maintenance information, ScanSap will become your daily tool.

One keypress orthoimage

Orthoimages are widely used because they allow you to transcribe 3D into clear 2D: floorplan views, sections. This first version of ScanSap already has an unbeatable speed function: create an orthoimage just with the printscreen key! You can even create a mosaic of images and stitch them together for an HD reconstruction.



3D point clouds are regularly used in CAD & BIM tools, but their size is often too large.

ScanSap allows you to export only your areas of interest, thanks to a powerful integrated segmentation tool.

Isolate pipe racks, structures, machines... and export the corresponding point clouds.


Not only for industrials

Although ScanSap was designed with an industrial logic, it also makes it interesting for other sectors: 3D scanning professionals, AEC companies, investigations ...


Its ability to manage large point clouds, detailed information, and to segment areas of interest, make it a powerful tool.

ScanSap Seed is the first step in an ambitious project that includes automatic object recognition, structural analysis, and advanced image rendering.

ScanSap embeds a state of the art 3D engine using Vulkan®.

*Required hardware:

- PC Windows 10,

- multi-core processor,

- 3D GPU with 3GB or more, Vulkan® support,

- SSD storage, 512GB or more,

- RAM 16GB or more.