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Unique features on the market

ScanSap stands out for its wealth of functions adapted to industry and construction sectors, while remaining easy to use.

Navigation and renderings

ScanSap offers smooth navigation thanks to an exclusive 3D rendering engine and numerous rendering modes: transparency, improved depth perception, false color, color by station, by group, flatness ramp, distance ramp... .


ScanSap offers measurements : simple measurement, polyline, point to plane, point to pipe, pipe to pipe, pipe to plane, beam bending, post offset.

All measurements can be documented and exported.



ScanSap offers a rich and configurable annotation system.

Document installations, add attachments or links, create new fields. The integrated search engine will allow you to find your items among hundreds.


Pipe detection

ScanSap has one-click detection of pipe and an efficient mode for creating lines with elbows incorporating standard diameters. You can also create your own tube standard lists.

The items are classified by lines and exportable in step, dxf, csv. The central axis is also exported.

Structure detection is under development.



Undoubtedly the most advanced segmentation feature on the market. You can combine multiple clipping boxes, use tags, measures, pipes, in order to isolate or mask the desired areas of the point cloud. These areas can be exported in rcs - rcp and e57 formats.

ScanSap also offers gridded boxes, with a unique Revit process on the market developed in collaboration with Sona Architecture.



ScanSap allows you to import exterior models and also to move point cloud areas. Simply clip an object to duplicate and move it. No need to model it.


HD images and orthoimages

It has never been easier to create high definition views from point clouds!

Manage definition, scales, format in an instant and generate very high definition images in seconds.

ScanSap also allows you to create viewpoints and thus reproduce images without having to adjust the camera.


Features list

Imported formats :

e57, Faro fls and lsproj, Recap rcs and rcp.

Renderings :

Intensity, RGB, ramp, false color, color by scan and by cluster, color by clipping, real-time normals, color smoothing, transparency.


Explore, examine, 360°, perspective and orthographic modes, constrained navigation, configurable field of view. Configurable orientations.


Save camera positions and all rendering and visibility settings.


Simple, polyline, pipe to pipe, point to pipe, pipe to plane, point to plane, column offset, beam bending.


Many pictograms available, configurable fields, hyperlinks, export to csv, dxf, step, author management. Integrated search engine.


Pipes detected quickly according to various strategies, integrated and configurable standards, automatic connection with elbows, classification by line, export in step, csv, dxf, conservation of the central axis.


By boxes, measurements, tags, pipes. Combination of clippings, configurable distances, copying of boxes using various methods.

Division of boxes into grids.


3D point clouds: e57 formats, rcs/rcp, ScanSap tls.

Elements created in ScanSap: step, dxf, csv.

Importing models:

Step, obj, fbx formats. Exclusive function for simplifying import steps and possibility for the user to recover his simplified model in step.

HD images and orthoimages:

Quick image creation with configurable build frame, scale and definition, jpg, png (with alpha), bmp formats. Support for transparency and annotations.

3D Spacemouse support.

Hardware requirements:

- Windows 10 & 11 PCs,

- multi-core processor,

- 3D graphics card with 3GB or more, and supporting Vulkan®,

- SSD type storage,

- RAM 16GB or more.