Plugins for Faro Scene

TagLabs develops additional features on Faro Scene for demanding laser scanning companies.

Cleaner point clouds and better registration

In 3D laser scanning, it is essential to perfectly register the scanning stations and to remove outliers such as mixed points.

This work is a prerequisite for modeling and analysis tasks.


Our advanced skills in 3D point clouds has allowed us to develop exclusive plugins, already recognized internationally.


We are also able to provide on demand developments.

Filter package

This package will help you to get clean data before using them in your CAD / BIM software:

  • edge artifacts filter: unparalleled efficiency to remove the mixed points,

  • cylindrical filter, useful for tanks analysis,

  • plane filter, useful to clean the pointclouds behind buildings facades,


The Edge filter has another advantage: it significantly improves the cloud to cloud registration.

Extended toolbox package

This package extends the panel offered by Scene and saves significant time during the preprocessing phase:

  • delete bad spheres according multiple criteria,

  • objects attributes changer,

  • advanced creation of planes, outlines, circles,

  • intersection calculator,

  • project alignment,

  • advanced clipping boxes  manager,

  • advanced txt and dxf exports (objects, scanning positions).

Realworks importer

Many companies register their Faro scans with Trimble Realworks.

But they often need to deliver the data in native format with Scene.

This plugin allows them to apply the registration from Realworks to Scene in a few clicks, and to work with native fls files.