Engineering offices and contractors: secure and accelerate your studies

Brownfield projects are always risky because we do not know the facilities in detail, and the existing drawings are often outdated. This results in design errors and then on-site rework. With ScanSap, carry out a reliable, faster study, limit site hazards, and secure your budget.

ScanSap, as essential as your tape measure

Whether you are a design office, an installer, or a manufacturer, your projects often have a common starting point: a survey.

Usually made up of manual measurements and photos, it is imprecise and not exhaustive. Back in the office, we often realize that there have been oversights.

The study is therefore based on many assumptions, which increases the risk of error.

You may have already used 3D laser scanning, but without being able to really use the survey other than by the 3D modeling that the service provider carries out.

ScanSap  solves this problem by bringing on your screen the exact double of the buildings and installations, and allowing you to model only what is useful.

The result: reliable plans, qualitative prefabrication, collision-free integration, and fewer on-site rework.

Nuage de points hybride.JPG

A perfect knowledge of the facilities

And without the need to return to the site!

ScanSap offers you the possibility to visit the installations at will and to fully understand them. The business manager, study manager and designer are on the same level of understanding.

Secure studies and prefabrication

ScanSap  allows you to take precise measurements adapted to your business. Your drawings are more precise from the start, and you limit unpleasant surprises during construction.

Pipe detection

Pipes are often what takes up space and hinders the installation.

The detection in a few clicks of ScanSap coupled with an export in step format will improve your design.

Import targeted point cloud areas

CAD/BIM tools generally have difficulty reading large point clouds. With ScanSap, export only light areas of interest. Benefit from the precision of point clouds and the functions of your design software.