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Food industries: secure your investments

Agri-food processes are constantly changing, which makes it difficult to update plans and generates site hazards. ScanSap brings you the precision and responsiveness your projects need.

ScanSap, your ally for your industrial projects

One thing is certain in the food industry more than in any other industry: the processes evolve very quickly, according to changes in eating habits and the pressure exerted by mass distribution. Equipments are moved, replaced, transferred...

Unless you have an army of CAD technicians, it is not possible to ensure constant and reliable updating of drawings.

3D laser scanning has arrived, making it possible to accurately capture several hundred square meters of process per day, and at a cost that decreases year after year.

However, point clouds from scanners were difficult to handle and it was necessary to have everything modeled, which led to prohibitive costs and hindered the use of scanning.

ScanSap has solved this problem by making the use of 3D surveys accessible to people who are not scanning specialists.

Carry out precise studies, reduce site hazards, and finally keep an up-to-date as-built documentation.

ScanSap - process agro.JPG

Explore your facilities

Navigate your buildings in 3D and get new angles of view, including in hard-to-reach areas.

Effectively present your project to your teams and future stakeholders.

Measure, detect, analyze

Taking measurements in industrial buildings is often difficult: it is necessary to access heights or in non-load-bearing areas. ScanSap offers you a panel of measurements adapted to your needs, and rapid detection of pipes.


Move existing equipment without the need to model it, hide and isolate areas, import and simplify the step models provided by your manufacturers, and project yourself into your future process.


ScanSap offers you the possibility of keeping a real as-built documentation of your installations by placing detailed, configurable information that you can share.

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