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A simple process in a few steps

A 3D scanning, ScanSap, and you are ready to work!

scanner 3d nefs nantes.jpg

Step n°1 - 3D scanning

Have a 3D scanning of your installations made. Scanners are getting faster and better. Regardless of the technology used - as long as it gives you the desired precision - the 3D point clouds produced will be accepted by ScanSap.

If you are not familiar with 3D scanning, we can assist you either by carrying out the scanning ourselves, or by supervising a previously selected professional.

Step 2 - install ScanSap

ScanSap is lightweight software that installs in seconds.

It is designed to work on even average configurations, unlike most software on the market which requires a muscular computer.

Only prerequisites: that the PC has a 3D graphics card, even entry-level, and a memory of 12GB or more. This is a configuration that can be found for less than 1000€.

Step 3 - start working!

Create a project in a few clicks and simply drag and drop your scans. They will be imported quickly. ScanSap reads most standard formats.

The point cloud is already ready to be exploited: navigate in the 3D reality of your installations, take all types of measurements, annotate, share, simulate...

Getting started is quick even by non-specialists.

Of course, we offer initial training, and have also produced a whole series of online tutorials.

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