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ScanSap is the tool that finally allows manufacturers to use 3D surveys directly without resorting to costly modelling.

Process modifications, extensions, transfers: ScanSap brings you a simple and effective response.

ScanSap, the simple solution that hybridizes point clouds and 3D models

3D scanning has gradually entered the industry. It is increasingly fast and affordable. Today we scan twice as fast as in 2010.

On the other hand, the modeling part, ie the reconstruction of a model from the point cloud, is still just as time-consuming and costly. It is not uncommon for modeling to cost 3 to 4 times more than scanning.

3D point clouds have long been presented as unusable, which made this complete modeling mandatory.

Finally, ScanSap makes it possible to work directly on the point cloud and to model only what is strictly necessary, resulting in a hybrid model: modeling for the elements essential to CAD / BIM model, the point cloud for details and fine measurement .

Process industrie - ScanSap.JPEG

Explore your facilities

Navigate in 3D with high visual quality and great fluidity.

Effectively present your project to your teams and future stakeholders.

Measure, detect, analyze

ScanSap offers a rich panel of measurements: pipe to pipe distance, measurement perpendicular to a plane, post offset, beam deflections. These business measures are essential for many stakeholders.

Import and export your models

All objects created with ScanSap can be exported in step, dxf, csv format. The pipes are exported with their central axis.

ScanSap also imports models in step, obj, fbx formats, and automatically simplifies large step files.


Map your installations with detailed and configurable tags, centralize your technical information, optimize the preparation of the safety of interventions. ScanSap is an ideal complement to the prevention plan.