Go to 3D surveys with confidence

We support you from the definition of your industrial 3D scanning needs to the works-as-executed report.

A few steps for a successful project

3D laser scanning is a precise and fast method of surveying, but it is still obscure for many contractors, and the level of quality is very heterogeneous between the different service providers.

Our experience in this area coupled with the ScanSap software guarantees you a high level of quality and affordable prices.



Definition of need

Writing specifications is difficult when you discover 3D laser scanning.

No worries: we take care of this part and help you make the right choice.​


Data control

A 3D scanning should:

  • be perfectly registered and cleaned,

  • cover all important areas, pipes and equipment.

We carry out an advanced check to guarantee you quality data.


Integration of ScanSap software

  • Package including software, implementation, training, and data integration,

  • Assistance during the project.


Advanced exploitation

Some items require a CAD / BIM modeling. Through shared elements generated by ScanSap, you will get the model you need in a short time.


Final scanning

Doing a laser scanning  at the site reception is extremely useful to get an reliable works-as-executed report. In a reduced time and for a reasonable cost, the modifications will be recorded in ScanSap, constituting a reliable base for maintenance and future operations.

Studies that start earlier

Compared to a conventional scanning - modeling process, our method allows studies to be started as soon as the point clouds are available.


Classical 3D survey: 2 days on site and 2 days at the office to deliver the point clouds.