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Your facilities in 3D with unparalleled fluidity

ScanSap is the new generation software that makes 3D point clouds finally usable for all construction and industry players.


The metamorphosis of 3D point clouds

ScanSap is the software that allows you to easily use the most accurate measurement data currently: the 3D laser scanning (point clouds). ScanSap is developed with the aim of exploiting billions of points from the largest surveys. Its unique algorithms and 3D engine architecture will finally allow you to exploit this extraordinary source of data.

Wherever you are, save time by accessing your sites instantly and without constraints.

Reduce the risks, errors and uncertainties of your interventions thanks to limitless measurement possibilities and millimetric precision. 

Communicate effectively with stakeholders and operators by projecting yourself into a digital model where you highlight points of interest, risks, and the scope of intervention. 

Simulate modifications in the pre-project phase by easily modifying your point cloud model. 


A point cloud is not good looking!


3D point clouds have long been presented as heavy data and not very pleasant to visualize.  

It is true that a raw point cloud is not the most aesthetic...


ScanSap transforms them to offer a unique navigation experience, without the need to mesh or simplify.

More than 10 rendering modes are available, to adapt the point cloud to all uses.


ScanSap offers rapid detection of pipes, with exports in step, dxf, csv formats .


Annotate the point cloud with detailed and configurable tags that you can share, use the many measurement options, analyze flatness...


ScanSap offers powerful point cloud segmentation and export features.

Target the desired elements and export only what you need to your CAD / BIM tool.


Import 3D models, use our exclusive step file simplification tool, and simulate directly in the point cloud.

ScanSap marks the end of full point cloud modeling

The traditional process is that of scan to CAD or scan to BIM, ie the complete modeling of the point cloud.

Feasible in a classic empty building, unrealistic in a factory where the process is regularly modified.

The integral scan modeling process presents several problems: the necessary time and cost, oversights, lack of precision, non-respect of constructive principles, over-modeling.

ScanSap changes the game with a hybrid approach in which we only model what is strictly necessary, and we use the point cloud for its completeness and accuracy.

They trust us

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