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The next generation of 3D industrial digital twin software

ScanSap is the software that reinvents the 3D digital twin of your site, instantly generating a precise, scalable and photorealistic environment directly from a 3D scan.

You already have a 3D point cloud: use it in a few minutes on your PC.

You don't have an up-to-date drawing or 3D scanning: we offer you a turnkey model in a few days.

ScanSap - 3D industrial digital twin

Work collaboratively and remotely even more efficiently than on site.

Lower the cost of your work by reducing site hazards.

Limit travel and the cost of surveys while avoiding errors and omissions.

They trust us


Gain efficiency from the preliminary project to operation

Whether you are a new works manager, project manager, draftsman, maintenance manager, or HSE manager: the simplicity and efficiency ofScanSapmake it an ideal tool at every stage in the life of your installations.

ScanSap - efficient in all phases


  • Virtual tours of the site,

  • Pre-implantations & study of different scenarios,

  • Precise measurements,

  • Sharing of information between collaborators.


Benefits: ​

  • A preliminary project easier to build, and integrating multiple scenarios.

  • A reduction in trips and oversights.

  • Collaborative and remote work around a digital model even more efficiently than on site.

scansap - efficient drafts
scansap - efficient call for tenders
  • Sharing 3D zones with companies,

  • Advanced Metrics,

  • Effective exchange of information.



  • Efficient calls for tenders with more precise costings and a secure budget.​

Call for tenders

Design studies

  • Export of targeted 3D areas to CAD / BIM tools,

  • Detection of pipe networks and geometric shapes,

  • Import of modeled elements for collision analysis.



  • Secure and accelerate studies by avoiding repeats.

  • Save money by modeling only what is necessary.

scansap - design studies
scansap - site work
  • Reception of companies (prevention plan),

  • Location of points of interest,

  • Pre-receipt of remote equipment (Pre-Fat).



  • Reduce the cost of work by avoiding site hazards.

  • Reduce risks for personnel.

  • Reduce production downtime.


Works as executed

  • Comparison between design and as built (TQC),

  • Dimensional control, flatness,

  • Change history.


Benefits: ​

  • A real Executed Works File (DOE) faithful to the reality on the ground.

  • A 3D digital archive integrating the life phases of the installations.

scansap - works as executed
scansap - site management
  • Instant access to the enriched model for audit,

  • Centralization of technical documentation,

  • Immersive training in maintenance / commissioning
    road / safety



  • Saving time on documentary research,

  • Quick realization of immersive and realistic tutorials.

Site management

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